How did Brexit affect Scotland?

Scotland voted on Sunday to leave the European Union.

The country’s new prime minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has said Scotland would be better off remaining in the bloc.

Here are some key points: 1.

The UK’s decision is expected to be widely seen as an act of defiance by the United Kingdom.


The referendum was a clear rebuke of the British political class, which was seen as out of touch with ordinary voters and failed to understand how the country voted.


The SNP’s vote was lower than predicted.


The British political establishment is divided over how to deal with the Scottish vote.


Scotland’s economy has been battered by the Brexit shock.


Scotland has a sizeable population of university graduates and is seen as a major export hub.


A poll in early April showed that Scots had a high opinion of the Scottish Labour Party, and the independence movement has surged in popularity.


A major economic shock could lead to the rise of far-right nationalist parties.


The economy is facing severe strains in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.


Scotland will be a major trading partner of the United States.


The Scottish government has been criticized for failing to provide any credible plan to deal the Brexit fallout.


Scottish business is in shock.


The decision to leave Europe has created an unprecedented political crisis for the Scottish government.


The vote was widely seen in Scotland as an attack on the UK’s institutions and its elites.


The independence movement is on the rise, with support surging from across the political spectrum.


A second independence referendum in 2019 could be a possibility if Scotland chooses to leave, but it is not certain.


The U.K. is unlikely to impose new taxes on Scotland, and other countries are likely to offer assistance.


The Brexit vote was a direct challenge to Britain’s democratic system.


The EU will probably impose new tariffs on Scottish exports to the United, and it will be the biggest single trade barrier between the EU and Scotland.


The European Union is unlikely in the near term to take any major action against Scotland, except perhaps through a customs union, which would be a step back from the current status quo.


The euro currency will be stronger in Scotland than in the rest of the European bloc.


The United Kingdom is likely to leave both the EU’s single market and its customs union in the event of a no-deal Brexit.


The Bank of England will probably be loath to impose large-scale monetary and fiscal policies to try to stabilize the British economy after Brexit.


The government will not impose any new taxes, and there is no prospect of new taxes to be introduced by Westminster in the wake of Brexit.


Scotland is in a fragile position economically after Brexit, and its economy is in trouble financially as a result.


The currency of the U.S. will be weaker.


The economic damage from Brexit will be enormous, especially for Scotland, which will be left to grapple with the economic fallout of its departure.


Scotland and the rest on the Scottish peninsula are not likely to enjoy the benefits of trade with the rest the United UK, but the rest will enjoy greater access to the single market, which has led to greater economic growth and job creation.


Brexit will have a dramatic effect on Scotland’s economic outlook, especially if Scotland leaves the European Economic Area (EEA).


The impact of Brexit will not be seen as as a serious economic threat by the European institutions, which have long been at odds with the United Kingdom.


The most important economic outcome of Brexit for Scotland is the decline in its export competitiveness and the resulting job losses.


Scottish businesses and the wider economy will suffer as a consequence of Brexit, with the most damaging effect on workers and the elderly.


Scottish government policies are likely be strengthened to try and offset the economic damage caused by Brexit.


The loss of access to European markets will also hurt the rest at the margins of the economy, particularly those dependent on trade with Scotland.


The consequences of Brexit are likely not to be as severe as some in the U

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