How to get paid for your work: How to use a ‘marketing service’ to make money for your business

New York magazine published a report today that looks at how marketers can make money from their work without actually writing any content.

In the article, the authors talk about how a marketing service, called a “marketing-to-marketing exchange,” works.

The idea is that when someone wants to sell you something, they’ll post a link to the company’s website and a link back to the person they’re selling it to.

The person who clicks on that link will get a free product or service from the company.

And when they buy something from the store, they get the product or the service at a discounted price.

In other words, if you’re in a good position, you’re not really going to write anything on your site.

But that doesn’t mean that you won’t find yourself making money from your business if you just use a marketing-to, or “market-to,” service.

In fact, the report finds that even the cheapest marketing service is often a lucrative business.

Read the full article on New York Mag.

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