How to get the best seat at the table when you have to leave your children behind

A man who is taking the bus home from work says he has to use the same seat every time, and that means he must put his children’s seat up front.

“It’s an uncomfortable situation,” said James Kocher, who works at a restaurant in Los Angeles.

“It’s not like there’s a seat that’s close, so we have to take the bus.

The last seat we took was a long time ago.

It’s always the same.”CBS News has learned that Koccher is not alone.

In a study of the 1,000 or so U.S. passengers who were required to use a bus seat to go home on Thursday, one-third of the men and one-quarter of the women were not allowed to put their children in the front.

In New York City, the figure was one in four.

The issue is not limited to public transit, either.

Many bus drivers are aware that they are not required to place their children into the front seat.

One bus driver told CBS News, “We have a lot of young children that are really, really uncomfortable.”

He added that the driver did not know if it was a safety issue, a logistical one, or a policy that needs to be changed.

Kocher is not the only one.

In the last decade, more than a million children have been pulled off public transit in the U.K., France, Spain and other European countries.

That is a lot.

The British Transport Police said in a report that they had received a total of 914 complaints of children being taken off public transportation for reasons of safety, including a “failure to take a child into the car or vehicle.”

In France, where a new law was passed last year requiring parents to take their children off the bus, about 40 percent of those cases resulted in children being pulled from the vehicle.

Kolb says the U.”s not going to get a fix in place to protect children.”

The issue also affects other countries, including Canada, where parents are still required to take them home with them.

The Canadian Transportation Agency has told that it is working on a plan to implement new safety regulations that will apply to all buses and cabs in the country, including those operated by private operators.

A number of cities in the United States, including New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, have also passed similar laws.

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