How to read the jump data analysis

The jump data, which is used to calculate the vertical speed of a player’s shot, is a useful way to identify where the shot will land on the court.

The data can be a little more complicated than that, though.

The jump analysis section of the NBA’s official website has an interactive jump chart, which can be helpful to quickly see where a player landed.

This is where things get a little tricky.

For some jumpers, the jump chart is not interactive.

They don’t want to be shown the data, or they’re not comfortable with how the jump looks.

To make the jump analysis interactive, we’ve provided a little tool called the “jumpchart.”

The jumpchart is a little like a digital version of the jumpchart.

It shows how each of the player’s feet landed in relation to the basket, with the exception of the point of the basket.

This gives us a good idea of where each player’s jumper is coming from.

So, let’s use this chart to determine where Steph Curry landed on his shot.

We’ll start with a baseline.

Now, here’s the jump in motion, with Steph Curry as a baseline player.

This should give us a pretty good idea about how Steph landed.

Let’s look at the jump again, this time at the end of the play.

Steph landed in a good spot.

I’d say that Steph landed fairly accurately on his jumper.

He was a bit off in the corner, but he was not in the exact center of the hoop.

The angle on the ball is right where Steph landed on the shot.

This helps us determine where the jump came from.

The ball was not exactly on Steph’s right foot, but it was close enough.

The following graphic is a better indicator of where Steph was in relation at the start of the shot than the jump charts.

Here, we see that Steph’s initial touch came in the middle of the court, which was an accurate way to define the start location.

Once Steph touched the rim, the ball was about an inch or so away from him.

He landed fairly near his feet.

In a good shot, the first touch should be the best place for the ball to land.

Steph hit the ball hard and he landed in the right spot.

The next touch should then be the last place for it to land, and this is where the second touch comes into play.

Steph did not land in the very center of his hoop.

His touch came slightly off, but the ball landed exactly where he hit it.

This is why Steph hit his first touch a bit later than the second.

He did not feel his initial touch coming in the center of either of the ball’s feet. 

What if Steph had been on the baseline?

Let me illustrate this by using the following example.

When Steph hit that first touch, he did not touch the ball with the heel of his foot.

If Steph had landed on that baseline, his second touch should have come right in the area where he had touched his first.

That’s not what happened.

Instead, Steph landed right in his own area.

The second touch came right in front of his feet, just a little bit off of the baseline.

This resulted in Steph landing in the correct spot. 

I hope this helps shed some light on the matter. 

Thanks to the jump graph, we can now see exactly where Steph hit each of his three shots.

It’s also nice to see where Steph took his first step on each shot.

As you can see in the image above, Steph was about two inches off his baseline.

It is also possible that Steph was a little off in his first foot touch.

That is, he could have been on his left foot and it would have made sense for him to hit the second contact of his second step.

However, that is a completely different scenario from what Steph did on his first two attempts.

If Steph had hit his second foot touch right, he would have landed about two feet off his right baseline.

So, if he had hit the first foot contact right, Steph would have ended up on his right side, just barely above his left knee.

But wait, there’s more!

If you look closely, Steph also touched the ball from different angles, one after another.

You can see the two angles here: 1.

Steph hits the ball on his second jump.


Steph lands in the opposite side of the right elbow.

What happened here is that Steph didn’t touch the basketball with his first jump touch.

He didn’t hit it from the very bottom of his body.

And that’s the key here.

Steph was just a tad off from where he should have been. 

He didn’t feel his first shot landing perfectly on the right foot.

Instead, Steph hit from a slightly higher area, a few inches off of his baseline, which resulted in him landing in

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