‘It’s an emotional experience’: Researchers create new virtual reality game that lets users experience ‘an emotional experience’

A new virtual-reality game has opened up a new way to experience empathy.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University created a game called Empathy.

It’s called a “virtual-reality simulation” in which participants can interact with virtual animals, which have personalities.

“We wanted to build a simulation for people who have a range of emotions,” said senior researcher Christopher Fiedler, who also is a research associate in Carnegie Mellon’s department of computer science.

“We wanted it to feel like real people and not some digital avatar that looks like a robot.”

A few minutes of playtime gives the player the chance to get to know their virtual animal and its emotional state.

They can also interact with the animal and feel what emotions it is experiencing.

For example, when a person plays the game with their cat, they can click on a mouse to feel the cat’s emotional state and listen to its voice.

Fiedlers team found that the emotion and the voice of the cat mattered.

The person who played the game was able to identify the emotional state of their cat.

The game, which has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times on Play Store, was developed by researchers at Carnegie MTS and the Center for Empathy and Computer-Aided Design (CEAD).

The game can be played in any browser.

The researchers say Empathy has been around for some time.

They created an online game called Fling to get people playing with it to experience the emotions of animals, including the pain and fear they feel when they hurt someone.

The new game was also used in a project by researchers in Japan.

The researchers had to create a game in Japanese to help Japanese children understand the language.

“The Japanese game, called Emotepark, was created by a team at the University of Tokyo who designed a game that asked the player to imagine a human, an animal, and a toy and ask them to imagine what it would be like if that person were there, and then ask them what would happen if they did not play,” Fiedles team said in a statement.

Fiedler said that it was a lot of fun to build the game, especially because it was developed for children.

“It was very fun to learn the game in terms of understanding the emotion of animals and what it feels like to be hurt,” he said.

The team hopes to release the game on its own in the next few weeks, and it plans to bring it to schools and universities in the United States and Europe.

The Empathy game is being made available to developers on Google Play and on the iOS and Android platforms.

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