NHL: Upwork CEO apologizes for comments on ‘white-washing’

A leading corporate social media company has apologized for suggesting that white-washed statistics are harmful to workers.

Upwork cofounder and CEO Ben Kuchera said in a statement Friday that he “deeply regrets” making the comments and that he has apologized to “all those impacted by my comments.”

Kucheera said he made the remarks in an article on his company’s website last year that he wrote in response to a report from The Atlantic titled, Upwork: The World’s First ‘Silent Company.’

I am proud to have created an innovative business, which is built on the best practices of data and analytics. “

In this post, I apologize for making those comments and for the hurt they have caused to people across the industry.

I am proud to have created an innovative business, which is built on the best practices of data and analytics.

I want to personally thank all of the Upworks workers, who have been supportive and who have supported my efforts.

I would also like to thank the millions of Upwork users who have shown that their voices matter and who are eager to work together with me to build the future.”

Kuchaera said the Upstart community and Upwork’s employees have been “wonderful” and that Upwork has “made a huge difference in the lives of many of our users.”

He said that “while we are all hurt by my statements, we are also excited to be part of the future of Upworks.”

“We believe that a world where data is free, accessible and available to all, will be a better place for everyone, and we’re grateful to those of you who have reached out to us to say thanks,” he said.

“Our future lies in working together to build a platform that makes data and data analytics accessible to everyone.”

Kochera did not say how he plans to change his views about Upwork.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

UpWork has long struggled to attract new workers and to attract and retain them in the past.

The Upwork platform offers up to 60 employees the ability to pay a fee to hire other Upwork employees to work on their projects.

Upworks has struggled to find new workers to replace the people it has laid off, and its platform has struggled with the rise of Uber and other companies offering similar services.

The move to Upwork, which was founded in 2014, comes as other tech giants, including Google, have made similar moves to try to lure more workers to their platforms.

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