Survey shows how Americans view Obamacare’s rollout

By Michael DeForgeThe Supreme Court handed down a landmark decision Monday to ensure that people have access to healthcare when they need it.

The justices ruled that insurers can continue to charge older Americans up to 10 percent more than younger people for coverage.

The decision comes a day after the Trump administration filed an appeal in federal court challenging the constitutionality of the law.

The appeals court in New Orleans ruled that a lower court ruling that said the law was a health care reform law violated the Supreme Court’s ruling in the case.

The administration is appealing that ruling, and the Trump White House has been trying to appeal the decision in the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

The case is a landmark moment for healthcare reform.

The Trump administration argues that the ACA does not protect Americans from discrimination, but it has also argued that the court is not legally required to give people who do not qualify for the law a choice.

The Trump administration has argued that it has a legal duty to provide healthcare to people who need it, not because the government can’t provide it, but because it’s the only way to ensure people have a choice when it comes to health care.

The administration argues the law is constitutional because it has created a “free market” in health insurance.

But the Supreme Courts decision says that’s not the case and it’s not true that insurance companies have the same “right” to charge younger people more than older people.

The justices ruled 5-4 that the law “is not a law of general applicability that applies to all individuals and imposes a substantial burden on individuals who are not as financially stable as the vast majority of Americans.”

“The government does not have an interest in discouraging older people from seeking coverage under the Affordable Care Act,” the justices wrote.

“It is simply not a government interest to provide coverage to people whose income and financial stability is less than the median income of all adults.

The majority’s conclusion that the health-insurance provision is a government-sponsored activity does not, however, mean that the government cannot provide the same coverage to everyone.

The ACA provides a mechanism for ensuring that all Americans have access, regardless of age, to health coverage, even if their income and other circumstances make that impossible.”

The court said that if the law had been a tax, it would not have been allowed.

“There is no ‘tax’ on older Americans because the ACA taxes older adults on a flat-rate basis,” the court wrote.

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