‘We’re the hottest city on earth’: What the data says about heatwave, drought, heatwave hotspots and more

A heatwave is expected to sweep through Melbourne in the next few weeks, with temperatures forecast to hit the high 40s, and some areas already in the 40s.

The heatwave has caused major disruption for the city’s emergency services, with residents being asked to stay indoors.

Melbourne’s air quality advisory has been lifted, but people can still breathe through masks to protect against respiratory illness.

The city’s Ambulance Service has also been asked to reduce staffing levels.

City of Melbourne spokesman Steve Brown said people should still avoid areas that are expected to see temperatures near 40C or higher.

“It’s still too early to make any predictions of how high the temperatures will go but we’re already in a heatwave,” Mr Brown said.

“We’ve seen a lot of damage done to roads, powerlines and buildings, so we are already seeing the impacts on our public transport system.”

A lot of people are still indoors, but we’ve also seen some very hot days.

“Ahead of the heatwave the city has already declared a state of emergency.”

The city of Melbourne will remain on alert and prepared for all potential emergencies throughout the week,” it said in a statement.

Mr Brown said there were no immediate plans to declare a state-wide state of state.”

It will take some time for all of the city of Sydney’s fire crews to return home to their work and to work in the heat,” he said.

Mr Brown also said the city had not seen a single person suffer heatstroke in the past two weeks.”

I think we have a good idea of what it’s going to be like,” he told ABC News.”

There is still a bit of time to wait and see how temperatures will be.

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