What you need to know about the CBC’s data analysis program

The CBC’s Data Analysis Program provides Canadian journalists with data and analysis tools to help them understand and report on the country’s complex political and economic realities.CBC data analysis and analysis is an essential part of CBC journalism, and has become a core pillar of CBC news coverage.

The program is funded by CBC Radio One, and is available to CBC journalists through the CBC News Online portal.

The program’s mission is to give CBC journalists and others access to a wide range of data to help inform and interpret Canada’s complex and evolving political and social systems.

In 2017, the program provided $1.2 billion in support for journalism in Canada, including $1 million for the CBC and $150 million for CBC News Digital.

To learn more about CBC Data Analysis, please click here.

The CBC Data Project provides data on the CBCs political, economic, social and environmental coverage, which are developed by staff across CBC News, CBC Radio and CBC Television.

The data is presented in two main formats, namely, weekly, and monthly.

The CBC Data Projects weekly reports provide a snapshot of key issues and news from the CBC across the year.

The monthly reports are based on data from previous months.

Each week’s data report includes key political and policy stories and analysis from CBC newsrooms, news outlets and news organizations across the country.

Each month’s monthly data report provides key news and analysis across all newsrooms and news outlets in Canada.

CBC Data Reports are available for all CBC newsroom, news outlet and news organization members, as well as all newsroom and news outlet members who are members of the CBC Data Partners Program.

The Data Project is a part of the newsrooms’ newsrooms journalism and information strategy.

The Data Projects provide CBC News journalists with a range of tools to understand and interpret data and information, which helps them understand the complex political, social, economic and environmental realities that affect Canadians.

CBC News is a publicly funded news organization that is committed to creating a more democratic and open society through a range for media, public policy, and communications strategy.

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