When are we going to learn about the ‘secret’ way we’ve been tracking the lives of Americans?

The National Security Agency has become the most powerful intelligence agency in the world, and it’s being used to spy on the lives and thoughts of millions of Americans, a new report from The New York Times shows.

The report, titled “The Rise of the NSA: How the U.S. Surveillance State Has Conquered the World,” found that the agency has expanded its data collection programs to the point where it’s used to track everything from the habits of people in malls to the movements of the U-2 spy plane, the same plane that was the first U.N. to reach Iran in the 1970s.

Its revelations about its surveillance have drawn renewed scrutiny from privacy advocates and lawmakers.

But the report’s authors say it is the first detailed look at how the agency uses its vast resources to track Americans.

In its latest report, The Times said it found that while the NSA collects information about everything from phone calls to financial transactions, it only collects “metadata” about people’s identities, including their location, phone numbers, email addresses and Internet protocol addresses.

The paper also found that in the past few years, the agency’s vast data collection has shifted from being a collection of ordinary calls, texts and emails to targeting certain people.

For example, the NSA’s first-ever use of data from a targeted phone call is the only time in its history when the agency actually took data directly from a phone call, rather than a digital record of the call, the report said.

The agency’s data collection began with a phone record in 2010.

But its most powerful tools, including the metadata collection program, were developed during that time, the Times said.

Data collected from phone records, including phone numbers and emails, can include the location of the person who has called, whether the person has made or received a call, and whether the call was recorded or otherwise “masked” in the call.

The NSA has collected millions of these metadata records, which are known as “bulk metadata,” since at least 2008, according to the report.

But because the agency collects data about everyone in the United States, The New Yorker and The Washington Post reported, the data can also be collected about anyone in the U, or anywhere else, without permission from a U.s. court.

The Times found that for every single phone call that’s been recorded in the NSA, there’s a 1,000 phone records collection, including data on the caller’s location, location information, phone company and the date and time of the phone call.

The paper found that since 2011, the number of phone records collected has more than doubled.

And The Times found the number that was collected on Americans has grown from about a million to more than 10 million.

The number of Americans being tracked by the NSA is increasing because the surveillance program, known as PRISM, is so expansive that it can track almost anyone, including many Americans.

The Times report found that as many as 90 percent of the people being tracked have been in the country for less than a year.

The program collects information on millions of U.fians every day, including when they are connected to the Internet, what sites they visit, how often they access the Internet and how often their devices are connected.

The new report shows that even though the NSA has expanded to the extent of capturing phone calls and emails without warrants, it still only has access to about half the information that the NSA does with data on Americans.

And, according the Times, the amount of data that the government can collect is much more limited than it was when it first began collecting Americans’ phone records.

The Obama administration has said it wants to reform the program to make it easier for it to collect more data, including more Americans’ email and Internet activity.

But critics, including privacy advocates, say the NSA needs to do more to reform it, including providing more oversight.

And Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., said in a statement that the report “does not show the NSA can be trusted with our most sensitive and intimate data.”

The Associated Press

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