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SharePoint 2017 has arrived, and that means you’ll be getting a lot more apps to share, share more data and keep your data more private.

If you haven’t yet, we recommend you download the free SharePoint app, as well as the free data analysis tool SharePoint Data Explorer.

But if you haven�t already, you should download and install the new SharePoint 2016 version as well.

The main differences between the two versions are: 1.

If your data is stored on one of the SharePoint cloud services, you�ll be able to import data directly to a SharePoint site or add data directly from a cloud service.

You can also share data directly between a Sharepoint site and a web app.


You’ll be able view and edit your data in the new app, but you�re not able to export data to SharePoint.


You�ll need to create a SharePlan object, which you can create with the new Create SharePoint object dialog box.

For example, here�s how to create an index and a table: Create a Shareplan object Create a new SharePlan: SharePoint Manager | Create a New SharePlan | SharePoint Designer | Create an Index SharePoint data, or import data from a ShareObject.

For more information on creating and editing SharePlan objects, see the How to Create a Query or Query a SharePath in SharePoint article.


You don�t need to have a subscription to the new version of SharePoint, because the app only works on Windows 10 and later.

You also can access the new features from the Web with the Web App and the new Web Services portal.


You should also be able use SharePoint in Sharepoint apps.

If, for example, you are using SharePoint as your personal database, then you can access data in your SharePoint apps with the ShareShare function.


The new ShareTools feature will be available to new users of Sharepoint.


If for some reason you don�re already a member of a company that already uses SharePoint and wants to get the latest version of the app, you can subscribe to the subscription by going to the Office 365 website and clicking on the subscription link in the top right corner.

If the subscription is purchased with Office 365, you will be able sign in and begin using the app as soon as you have subscribed.


If all that sounds familiar, it should.

That�s because the new service will be a major overhaul of the way that SharePoint is developed.

It�s called SharePoint for the web and the first version will be released on April 14, 2020.

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