Which jobs are most likely to be automated?

Understanding how jobs are being automated can help companies understand their customers and make decisions about hiring more staff.

The infographic from The JobCast is based on data from a survey of 1,200 people from the job search firm Glassdoor.

It’s an interesting look at the different types of automation that are happening.

Most of the jobs on the list are in the health care field, including sales and customer service.

Other categories include the manufacturing and retail industries.

The infographic uses Glassdoor’s survey results to identify the types of jobs that are most automated in each of the top 100 most-populated occupations in the US.

It then breaks them into four categories.

There are jobs that require a high level of knowledge, like accounting, but are also automated in the middle and low-skilled positions.

There’s also jobs that involve a lot of hand-eye coordination, like computer programming, accounting, and accounting software.

The jobs that rely on a high degree of manual labor are not so prevalent, but that is probably because the job is not being automated.

There may be robots that do the actual manual work.

The chart below shows how each of these jobs are likely to change over time.

Most people are going to move to other occupations.

The top jobs that were automated in 2018 include sales and billing and customer support.

The number of people who work in these fields has dropped by over a quarter since the start of the year, according to Glassdoor data.

The top job is likely to go away, however, as the average age of people working in the industry has dropped significantly.

The lowest jobs on Glassdoor are sales, accounting and marketing, and medical billing.

There is a slight dip in this category, but the median age is still in the 30s.

The bottom jobs are the ones that require the most hand-to-hand coordination, including computer programming and accounting, accounting software and support, and marketing and communications.

These jobs are also likely to disappear, but they may change as people find new jobs.

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