Which of these are you most likely to see at your local coffee shop?

by The Washington Post | May 17, 2017 09:19:05As of May 18, the National Coffee Association has officially announced its 2016 National Coffee List, which is the annual list of the most caffeinated coffee brands in the country.

The top three are: Coffee Bean, Caffé Macchiato and Caffeine Free.

Café Macchiatos coffee has been consistently the top brand on the list since the company started in 1995, while the most recent edition in 2016 is a huge boost for the company.

The national average price of a single cup of coffee is $2.98, while in the U.S. it is $3.99.

The list has a whopping 13,923 coffees and 100,000 varieties.

That’s almost double the size of the list of most caffeined coffees from 2012, which had 11,637 coffees, and in the list that year, only four were on the top 50.

In 2015, the top five coffees were: Mint, Bergamasco, Amaranth and Pimpernel.

Berrasco, which has since been acquired by Proteus, has been on the national list since 2006.

It’s hard to imagine that the most expensive coffee in the world, Caffè Macchiata, won’t be on the next national list.

The coffee industry has been in a free fall for decades, with coffee prices being more than 20% higher than the cost of the average American family’s food.

We’re not sure if the U:1 price hike is because the world is warming up or if it’s because more consumers are choosing to get their coffee from Starbucks, but there’s no doubt that the global economy has been struggling.

The U.K. and France have both seen coffee prices fall over the past year.

The United States, which was a top coffee producer in the past, has recently been hit hard by a series of economic setbacks.

Over the past two years, the U’s economy has shed 1.3 million jobs, and the jobless rate hit 9.5% last year.

The Great Recession hit hard on small businesses, particularly small-business owners.

“In a downturn, coffee drinkers will be hit harder than most,” the National Association of Confectioners and Brewers (NACB) said in a statement.

“The impact of the recession has been felt especially in the coffee industry.

There’s been a reduction in coffee production, and many businesses have had to shut down.

The impact on the economy is particularly acute for small businesses.

We’re urging everyone to think twice before spending big bucks on a cup of joe, and to shop only locally.”

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